The Moose Are Loose

Came across a young bull and a mom further on downstream during last night’s paddle


Driving back from Maine, just before sunrise, this past weekend, saw what looked like a sleeping cow on the shoulder of the road. Turned to be a young bull moose road-killed. Surprised that I didn’t see a high damaged car nearby…

Anyway, would rather see a moose on the water, than on the roadway. I outpaddled one coming at me while fishing on Crocker Pond in Albany, ME.



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They are huge when they are up close.

I once took an early morning summer walk on a snowmobile trail where I stay in Maine. Coming around a bend, my brain saw a “giant black donkey!!”. My brain wasn’t fully awake yet. Fortunately my brain was awake enough to give the donkey lots of room.

Fear is a great motivator :wink:

I have seen moose while hiking, never while paddling. On the other hand, they do frequent our yard. Here’s a young male in our back yard:

My suspicion is that these urban moose are hired by the local nurseries to eat ornamental plants to drive the market back to their shops.


One moose yesterday splashing across the Dead River
One moose today crossing the road in a hurry maybe 100 feet from us
Both cases no time to getvthe camera

I saw a whitetail doe and her fawn running across a field a few days ago. Beautiful but not as impressive as a moose, which I’ve never seen.
Saw a bull elk at a few feet in Colorado. Another impressive animal.

Yup… :slight_smile: “Of all the water in this little pond, why is the darn moose swimming my way!?!” :pleading_face:


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Drive thru northern NH in rutting season. You will see moose. Hopefully not at 55 mph.

@sing we saw a big bull moose while paddling in Pittsburg, NH. We backed up FAST when it decided to move because it wasn’t clear where it was heading. Turned out to be in the direction of where we parked. We had the music on LOUD and loaded so fast because we didn’t know where it was or if it was still mulling about. Think swarms of biting bugs fast only with a lurking moose. :wink:

Moose in rutting season, or in spring a cow with a calf that may be out of sight, are extremely dangerous. They can accelerate unbelievably fast. And in a boat on the water, you can’t put a tree between you and them which is what experienced folks know to do.