The Ohio River trip that wasn't

Some of you may recall me being here asking for advice on skills needed for a trip down the Ohio river abour a year ago. I recieved a lot of very good advice and suggestions here regarding skills, techniques and equipment. I got the equipment; practiced the techniques and skills but never mastered things like the roll or any of the reentry techniques. I did make a short trip on the Ohio to get a feel for it. Then I went to Ky Lake and had an event that lead me to cancel my Ohio River trip. In general my skills were not good enough for other people. Its a lot more complicated/complex than that but the trip is now on a back burner until I can function nearly like Roger Schumann.

What Area On The Ohio
were you practicing? I am just learning and will be on the Mighty O myself from time to time.

The area
around Maysville Ky/ Aberdeen Ohio. The trip had been planned for Aberdeen to Ky Lake/KenLake State Park.

An event to practice in
There is some big Cinncinnati kayak/canoe event with hundres of people. A good way perhaps to get on the river some and feel safe, talk to people, get ideas.
June 20-22

Smart to wait
I paddle the Ohio frequently, mostly between Manchester, OH and Patriot, IN. While it may appear “flat” there are powerful currents, powerboats, significant barge traffic, locks and other things to cope with. Smart to ease into it.

Only one
paddle on the Ohio so far. Aberdeen to Ripley. Experienced everything you mentioned. I noticed you are in the Cincinatti area. Can you recommend any of the ACA instructors in that area?

Good to hear
You didn’t end your paddling career due to a big scare, and you are going to prep to be able to do more.

I am always happy to hear that someone is going to learn the self-rescue part. My biggest complaint about one of the formal training programs - less familiar with the other in this detail - is that they lock up the best rescue training somewhat inside the sequence. So people can spend a considerable time trying to perfect a turning stroke before they ever get competent at recovering from the situation they might have been turning to avoid.

Also, there is nothing like spending an hour hauling yourself around in a paddle-float self-rescue to start making an 8 second roll look very good, :slight_smile:

Sierra Club and CRC
The local Sierra Club chapter offers an array of good courses at reasonable pricing. The Cincinnati Recreation Commission has ongoing stuff. is a large group (over 2,300) and has coaching sessions.

One more
For a little more investment and driving, 41 North out of Cleveland offers excellent instruction. Great investment that pays off for many years.