The Olympics at last

This hasn’t been brought up here yet. Its getting close. Got favorites?

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The jamaican team.

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How its done…
C-1 men:

And K-1 women:

There may (or may not) be folks here who aspire to this sort of thing, but darn, these folks “do it good.” We should all at least be able to appreciate it - although I grant you, these artificial courses look like something out of a Ninja Warrior episode. But the flow is the same for everyone - its fair…

Is there any whitewater in Jamaica? Never been there. Its gotta be better for paddling than for bobsledding… Heaven for sea kayakers, I’d think.


Sprints start Aug. 1.

USA actually has a hope for a medal with Nevin Harrison in C-1. Been a long time since we had any hope at all in sprint canoe and kayak.