I’ve designed a Kayaker and Canoeist as OSHA would like them to be but am a poor illustrator.

Anyone know of any cartoons like this?

i.e. safety taken to govt extremes?

No but I would like to see it!!!

Don’t talk about this too loudly…there are probably beuracrats out there looking for something to do…

Just make sure you have…
your safety belt on when you are standing on the deck, and you have your head lamp properly grounded to the syatem ground.

Oh I almost forgot about the safety railing surrounding the cockpit, and the tow-along porta john that must accompany you.

Now about that Iso-9000 crap !!!



Not to mention…
All the stuff you must have in order to paddle, the VHF, the GPS, the FRS, Radar Reflector, the strobe, the light stick, the spare batteries, the flashlights… So much stuff attached to your PFD that it cannot support even the weight of all of the government mandated safety gear! You cannot even move your arms.

yeah, and don’t forget
the lifeboat you’ll have to have on the foredeck.

As well as…
approved back support, self contained breathing apperatus, hard hat, MSDS sheets for your sun block and gel packs,etc. While we’re at it, why not propose mandatory regulation of all boats and paddles, as well as back ground checks for all paddlers…

you forgot…
MSDS’s for:

Acid in batteries

Stove fuel if multi-day trip

Cooking Ingredients–salt (aka sodium chloride)

Also needed:

Portable eyewash station

Buffer/neutralizer for battery acid

Biohazard suit for potential contaminated waters

Type A/B Fire Extinguisher

Procedures manuals for use of stove, flares, yada yada yada…

Don’t forget a shower
The portable eyewash station will not provide enough liquid to satisfy OSHA. You’ll need to have a pump system that can allow you to rinse your eyes for 15 minutes.

Also, no salt is allowed–we don’t allow chemicals on our “organic natural” trips.

ISO 14000 certification is also recommended to prevent any ontamination of the oceans.

I’ve seen folks out there packing almost as much as you guys are depicting. :slight_smile: They call it “expedition” paddling, even though it’s only for about a 15 mile round trip.


Permits + training certs.
to operates said equipment, operate boat in X waters, washdown procedure, removal and disposal of contaminated byproducts + emission check of stove.

You won’t even make it to the water
Unless it’s a remote wilderness area, there is no chance that the water itself will test pure enough for direct skin contact, let alone inhaling or swallowing it when you dump. Maybe some kind of combo Dry Suit/HAZMAT Garment with breathing apparatus would work, if you had the right decontamination equipment at the take-out.