The people at IR are great!

Credit where credit is due.

I ordered a skirt from IR and I made the mistake of ordering the wrong size. I made the mistake. Not them. I spoke with Jon and within 30 seconds of the conversation, he told me he was sending me a new skirt today. They are not even waiting to receive the one I have now first before sending me the replacement. He did not even mention shipping, handling or exchange fee. When the time comes for any new dry suit, skirt or any accessory, I will check Immersion Research first. I am a very happy and impressed customer.

Same experience here.
I debated ordering a custom made skirt for my DIY boat. They were awesome in the online chat + telephone conversation. They even called me back as they continued to talk about my situation and made different recommendations.

I don’t see why all of my skirts wouldn’t come from them in the future.

great experience with IR products
My experience with IR products is great. All I have is a skirt and a thick rashguard type shirt, but they are both noteworthy. I wear out rashguards all the time, especially where my lower back rubs against backrests. At some point, I realized it was the oldest kayaking shirt I had, and it was getting more than a fair share of use. It’s still in good shape - far outlasting any of my others.

My IR skirt is my favorite. My snapdragons lose flexibility and are difficult to get on and off, but still in working order. My Seals wore a hole through at the front of the cockpit coaming, and one came apart at a seam. My IR skirt, which is definitely used equally as much, is coming up on either 5 or 6 years of use, and no issues. I haven’t felt dissappointed about the quality of any of these brands, but of those 3 that I have owned and used for years, IR definitely has won me over. And this is a $90 IR skirt, I think the least expensive of those that I own. I hope they’re still turning out that same quality.

I know 2 products is hardly a representative sample. But 2 exceptionally good products in 2 tries, standing the test of years of use…that’s pretty ok by me.

IR skirt
I have the same impression of my IR Excursion skirt. Well designed and constructed, I like it the best of all my skirts, including a snapdragon, and it cost much less. They added extra long velcro tabs at the top of the tunnel for no extra charge. A good experience all around.

Immersion Research
I bought a Shockwave skirt for my Seda, outstanding product.

Also have their Reggie backband on both my Ikkuma and

700x. Great company, very knowledgable, and easy to deal

with. tkamd

Love the IR Outlet Store

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Great stuff at great prices

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