The perfect BWCA solo hull.

I mentioned on another board that I was cutting a pile of cedar strips for a solo canoe suitable for a BWCA type trip. I need a hull to “copy”. I looked at a Sawyer Autumn Mist a while back and even though I didn’t paddle it, It looked about right. The old magazine ads mentioned the design was for the “larger paddler”. I’m 5’8" and 150lbs. Something faster, better tracking and less vulnerable to the wind than my MR Guide is what I think I need. I’d appreciate suggestions.

freedom solo
This recently designed boat from Canadian Steve Killing is likely to fit your bill. It will be my next building project, but I will build the 16’3 version for my greater weight and for long trips.

That boat looks real good and could be just what I want. Using real plans is probably a better idea than trying to copy a boat. I spent over an hour on the site. Very informative. Do you know of anybody who’s built one yet? I saw thats it’s a new design.

I don’t think so
You should post that question on the forum on that site. I know lots of folks were planning to build one this season, but haven’t heard of any being launched yet.

NW Canoe Merlin
I suggest the Merlin designed by Bruce Kunz and sold by Northwest Canoe in St Paul, MN. I built the larger version, the 38 Special. The Merlin is better suited for someone your size. The Merlin was designed as a solo wilderness tripper for the BWCA!

If you haven’t built a canoe before, I highly recommend the Builders Book

I Think That Autumn Mist…
…would work very well, Doug. You are welcome to try mine out and even take it up north with you if you visit your friends on Gunflint Lake. I think that hull on a wooden boat would be something you might have to lock up arround me, I might not be able to help myself! WW

Ever find a canoe plan?
Did you ever find a canoe plan for a solo? I have built several Merlins that were mentioned in the comments. Very nice canoe, Currently building one now, should be glassing the inside tonight! If you have, sorry for a late reply, I just found this web site and your quesiton.

Hi Duggae!

I know where there is a Merlin you can test paddle, anytime you want too.


Merlin Canoe
I have a Merlin built by Mr. Zapf mentioned above. What a sweet, fast, and beautiful boat. I highly recommend it. It loves to go straight and fast.