The Perfect Glove?

It might be. I decided to try the local sailing store to find kayaking stuff. What a find!! They sell alot of the same stuff you see in Kayaking stores, only at half the price. My favorite…Henry Lloyd Max Grip Neoprene gloves. I love these gloves…good from late summer to early winter and late winter to early summer. Excellent dry and wet grip. The dual cuff seals out water flow and they go on and come off easily. I think the palms have some Kevlar in them, so far they show no signs of wear. Cost $26.00. Line, bungee, stainless caribiners, fleece, dry suits, all at really good prices. Stainless caribiner at kayak store $19…identical one at sailing store $6. I guess the sailers have really wrung it out.

what is the
name of this store. I find sailing stores one of the highest priced places to buy anything. Always looking for a cheaper place for boating supplies.

Can’t find them online, except UK sites
Must not be available at any US sites, and I’m not interested in paying pounds as weak as the dollar is, not to mention international shipping.

One question: I’ve noticed most paddling gloves (I’ve never used any yet) have the fingers pre-bent so as to make holding the shaft more comfortable. Do you not find this a necessary comfort?

West Marine has them online
Go to their site - enter “henri” with an “i” in their seach box.

The Store is Called Thomas Hardware
and it is on Mack Ave. in Grosse Pointe Farms, Mi 48236. The gloves I don’t think have a curl to them but I cannot imagine them being any more comfortable, both in temperature, feel, and grip. They seemed like a great value so I thought I would pass it along. Also the stainless hardware was 1/3 the price of the kayak store.

The perfect glove . . .
is a pogie.

(Besides, the name “pogie” itself is a conversation piece – and a spelling demon!)

heya moparharn
Were you wearing those on the Detroit River?

you probably noticed me gloveless; I can’t take gloves until it gets really cold. I like using my cannondale cycling gloves in mild winter; otherwise I think I like my NRS toaster mitts - but honestly I haven’t had a chance to try them out much in the really frigid stuff. But I’d like to check those out for something in between.

So are you getting out on the river anytime soon?

You betcha!
You betcha to both questions. I was wearing them when we paddled and we are are still hitting the river. The night paddling is only every so often as our launch site now closes at 6pm for the winter. We are switching to a different site, but as the weather and water gets colder, I am less interested in being out at night. Please let me know the next time you are coming down and we will get out, and vice versa. As you tolerate the cold well, I think you could use these gloves throughout the winter. Manitou islands next summer?

I’ll pay good money
if sonmeone could invent a set of pogies that would work well on a GP (including sliding grips).


They are called Stealth Winter Gloves
I went to West Marine online and the gloves there are not the ones I am talking about. At they are called the Stealth Winter Gloves. Sorry for the confusion. These gloves have been excellent and I like the price.