The Perfect Switch -for elec pumps

I think I have come up with the perfect switch for electric bilge pumps. You can find info. on it here:

—But, please don’t call Otto Eng. they are not setup to deal with small orders.

If you want to buy one, I think you can place an order here:

–If you have done any research on installing electric bilge pumps you know that finding a good watertight switch is very difficult. If you give this switch a try, please post feedback here.


Many variations of that switch
Best I’ve found too. Just be careful what you order. Some versions are unsealed, some just dust/splashproof (like the one on your link), and some are water tight to IP68 standard.

Full P5-D options include:

2 button styles

3 Terminal types (depending on your install.but screw seems easiest)

8 Contact material grades (go for GOLD!)

3 Seal levels (Watertight ONLY!)

2 Bezel colors

9 button colors (Match your kayak!!!)

Look at the P5-D Part Number Code on the PDF link on that page to match option to part number.

I’d want a P5-D228328 (8=gray button, but would settle for white or red or even black button).

The button would look good enough to almost justify the weight and hassle of the battery and pump! Just when I’d gotten over that idea!

Bigger question - what battery? I want sealed (obviously) and small and strong enough for multiple pump outs. Pump is easier to ID. Still think there is an opportunity for someone to do a decent kit with everything, and enough wire and hose for a variety of installs. Pump and battery in one unit that can snap in/out - or be placed seperately as an option too. Either way battery should come out easy for recharge.

thanks for the clarification…
Thanks for clarifying the details. I just posted the basic URL to the site… Did you get the switch from me???


Don’t have one yet
Found that switch info when looking for parts - never went farther. I keep putting off the project - or flip flopping between elec vs. foot pump. Easy to put off with year 'round warm water.