The Reason to Practise Assisted Rescues

I was looking for examples of sea kayakers “playing” but I came across this. We practice in calm water because its easier and safer. We practice in calm water cause that is where they happen. But many times sea kayakers paddle in “this” and sometimes they swim in “this” and need to get back into the boat……………
PS…don’t go there in your Sun Dolphin, rec boat.

The OP on that thread just bought a 14-foot used fiberglass Seda Vagabond instead of the Sun Dolphin, so he’ll likely be able to do some good practicing.

I practice self and assisted rescues several times per season. If with new learners we necessarily start in calm water. Moving to rougher water comes later. If I get a new-to-me boat I will always practice with the new kayak to reduce surprises. A self rescue with paddle float in rougher water is always a great motivation for getting a dependable bomb-proof roll. We practice rolling quite frequently … and it’s all fun.

And then … we prefer to kayak in calm water. I’m too elderly to learn rock gardening.

I pick on Sun Dolphins cause I just realized what they are and I was on a paddle last week where one was sinking as the woman frantically, in tears, was paddling to shore. It just reminds me of a classic kids pool toy. And this week I saw two of them paddling in Lake Superior. Good thing it was on a slack wind and wave day. They did pick their weather and a short paddle destination.

But yesterday it was 1 to 2 with boat wakes making it confused and bigger with 10 mph winds. We only saw three sea kayaks headed farther into the islands yesterday.

And just to be consistent… I would entitle it “The Reason You Practice Bracing, Rolling, and Self Rescue.”

Seriously y’all… please don’t rely on others for your safety. Make yourself safe.