The Recovery Roll?

I am very new to the whole kayaking deal. I tried it only a few days ago and fell in love! I was trying to figure out how to do “the roll” and only ended up frustrated with a cockpit full of water. Can someone maybe give me some step by step directions. Any help would be benefical!

The first 180 degrees is easy…

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There are lots of good rolling resources on the web. Here's one:

video clip:

and more:

Here’s a start
I’ve found this website to have a wealth of information on kayaking. Here’s their page for rolling:

Ideally, classes with a good instructor are best. He/she will get you started with proper technique.

If that’s not possible, there are two videos, “The Kayak Roll” and “First Roll”. I haven’t seen the later yet, but I hear it’s excellent. If you are going this route, try using your paddle float on your paddle as an aid and wean yourself off of it.

There are many on this site who can offer more expert advice than I. My opinion is that of a novice who is still working on it myself.

Good Luck…Lou

Body Memory
There are people who have such a fantastically intuitive body response that they can short the basic drills that you’ll see recommended in the above references. But that’s not most people. Be aware that rolling for most of us isn’t a matter of getting into the boat, doing a few things in the right sequence with your body and paddle and getting up.

Most likely, you will have to pattern the pieces like what is called the hip snap (though it rellay isn’t exactly that) into your body memory via repetition, so that when you put it together the underlying steps don’t require thought.

Acepting limits means freedom to learn
Celai is so right. It is a paradox that by accepting our own limits to learn complex physical skills we then paradoxically can seek the very solutions we need to progress. Mainy folks here impose false limits, i.e., the boat is wrong, I am not felxible enough, I will not roll because I am scared, my paddle is too short, etc., my teacher does not realize I learn visually, etc.

Truth is some folks are very gifted and some not at all, most of us in between. Once one accepts the truth about one’s own ability to learn new skills, then we can design a method of learning that is presonally right for us. This will produce success.

In our club this summer we have many many people who previously thought they would never be able to learn bracing, rolling, even controlled wet exits.

We support and encourage each paddler to develop their own way of learning at their own pace with them in control. Hey, it is working. Many are now rolling for the first time! Yea!

Get this book

Support P-Net and learn to roll too! Follow Derek’s instructions for the dryland based Pawlatta Roll exercises. I practiced this for an hour or so, launched my kayak and rolled up first time. I haven’t missed an on side roll since (including unplanned capsizes).