The Right Fit

I currently paddle a perception carolina. When paddling with my friend who has a Dagger Edisto, I notice that the edisto sits quite a bit lower in the water, and has better speed. I would love to get my hands on a used Edisto, but short of that, any suggestions for a lower profile boat similar to the Edisto? I have a small build…5’2"/115#.

which model?
Which carolina do you have?

Are interested in plactic or composite boat?

It’s the 14’6" plastic. Think it’s a 2003. I’ll probably stick with plastic.

If You’re Sticking To Plastic…
this boat will give you more speed as it’s lighter and also narrower in beam. It may also challenge you to further develop your skills:

Personally, I love the shape and dimensions of this hull. At 5’3" and 140 lbs I can squeeze into the plastic seat. If I were getting this kayak, I would unscrew the plastic seat out and put in a foam seat and aftermarket thigh braces for better cockpit control. I usually see one at the end of the season at around $300-$350. Unfortunately, I was too slow on one last fall…

There are not many truly low volume boats for small paddlers being made in plastic. In composite, for your size, you could consider the Impex Mystic, PH Vela, and new CD Rumour (14’x21", 15’10"x21’, 16x19" respectively).


Plastic Mystic
There are a few plastic Mystic’s around as well. They were only made for a short while, so may be hard to find. Also you might take a look at the Hurricane Aquasport Tracer. The current model is 16.5’ x 22.75" wide. It is a bit twichy, but pretty fast. It is made of thermoformed plastic and prices are pretty reasonable. I have seen references to a 14.5’ version to be introduced this spring, but no mention on their website.