The Right Kayak?

I’ve done a little kayaking every once in a while but but this is my first time looking into buying my own…

what would be a good kayak to take not only on slow rivers but also on the chesapeake bay?

one that fits.





Kayak shopping
A good start is to consider material. Here is an article on plastic vs. composite:

Kevlar vs. fiber glass vs. carbon:

How to shop for your first kayak:

Look under “Guidelines” column left
REI and EMS won’t get you many points here. Actually go to a paddling shop where they are knowledgeable. It costs nothing to question experienced people. Usually costs alot in the long run counting on a sales staff with minimal knowledge. Your pocketbook. Your life.

you plan to go out on Ches bay I’d suggest considering a SOT.These are very safe on big waters and rivers as they drain out any water taken on and are very easy to re-enter should you go over.One of WS’s Tarpons would be my choice.

I agree on the SOT. I use mine on
everything - lakes,mild whitewater,ocean.And look at something in the 14-16’ range. Heritage makes good ones for lighter paddlers , and the Scuppers by Ocean Kayak are fairly narrow.

LLBean Adventure
I took the time to visit an LL Bean kayak expo today in Annapolis, MD and was given the chance to test out basiclly all the big names. The pungo, as said before, a bathtub, the carolina was extremely tippy, and the SOTs just weren’t comfortable for me. The one i fell in love with is the Tsunami 125. The thigh braces gave me so much more comfort with my longer legs and it was sleek yet still stable. I felt like I found the right one. Would this be alright to begin with for day trips and master the skills?

you can get a horrible salesperson in a big box store AND a small mom&pop shop…i have worked in both for a combination of many years…

now if you go to wall-e-world and get their Wave kayak…hmmmm…

but everywhere there are gems of knowledge…and of stupidity-neither is designated to any location…

And if you still love kayaking in a year or two, you’ll probably start lusting for a longer, leaner boat. Happens to lots of us.

Choosing a boat
Wet to the same demo this weekend and ended up buying the same Kayak the Tsunami 125. I am very happy with the purchase. Paddled the PAX River yesterday and had a great time. For a boat that lenght it is very fast and stable for a beginner. I was leaning towards the Pungo to start off with but felt like it was way to tuff to paddle compared to the Tsunami. Good luck with you hunt.