The season

The winter Solstice has passed, we’re into feasting season and looking forward to when the water gets soft again.

Season’s greetings to all.


You don’t like the hard variety of whitewater? It’s got its advantages, like being a good medium for hiking.

what are you talking about…?
the water could not be any softer than now (90F outside temp with bath luke warm water)

But you are right about the feasting however not sure if it was “winter solstice” for me…

Greetings from Australia

Same to you Charlie, and…
thanks for all the good tips through out the year, and also those little repair tid bits that I got in the mail

cheers, and Merry Christmas,


and thanks for toppling the Soviet Union!

Good morning, Jack. I’m just a few bike rides from setting a nice, round personal best yearly mileage record on the bike. Headed out in a few hours. Hope y’all have a great Christmas.

Back at Ya!
All the best to you and yours Charlie.

Thanks for all the knowledge you share. It offers a constant challenge for me to rethink things, try new ideas and be a better, more appreciative paddler.

Wishing you a healthy and happy New
Year. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge, and may you have the best paddling year ever.


Thanky kindly, Charles
Fer all de advice an’ knowledge yer share wit us, all de laughs at Raystown an’ of course de great tour of yer shop waan we stopped in last October. Merry Christmas ta ya an’ Joe.

Fat Elmo - one o’ dem purdy-kneed canooists

And Greetings to You and All
the other P-Netters!

Make use of some of that famous Adirondak snow, and feast to your heart’s content.


and Greetings to Everyone Here…
Especially to you two CE and Fat Elmo!

Hey Charlie
Happy Holidays to you, Joe, Rick and the whole gang at PB. Have an Ubu for me.