The Silence is Deafening

Said my friend quietly from 200 ’ away and I heard him. We were on Devil’s Fork Creek just off Jocassee.
It was a perfect day , overcast, light breeze, in the 80s. Very few boats out on a Monday. We were on the other side of the lake from where Castoff spent the weekend.
The creek is fairly large by Jocassee standards and comes past several steep hillsides.
We followed it until a rock shelf blocks it where David made that comment.
There was a total absence of sound back in there. Over the very wet and windy winter there had been several tree slides down the slopes. There were piles of huge trees down by the creek and bare rock and mud where they had been. I’ve been paddling there for 30 years and had never seen that much destruction. It was like being in a bombed cathedral.