the Smallmouth are burning "Hot" ......

… in the Susqehanna right now !!

It has rained and been socked in for 5 days straight near Harrisburg, Pa. area were we concentrate most of our efforts for Smallmouth this time of year .

We spent two days , Sun. and Mon. in solid non stop rains getting pounded … the fish were aggressive and just waiting for any chance run down a fast moving target … # 3 spinners did the trick .

If the rains had let up just a little , and a wee bit of sunshine would have shown through , we would have been in paradise … as it was , we suffered the weather and burned the Smallies non stop morning till night . It was 9 pm. when got off the water , they were still hitting but we couldn’t see anything , the water was fast and rocky , the rain was relentless , the temps. had dropped out , we were beat up . Sleep felt like a dream , back at it 5:30 the next morning , raining like mad .

Not just the Smallies , but every fish in the river was on the take … we caught some creek Chub (one was at least 20") , Rock bass , Walleye , and got burned by a couple huge Muskie .

Saw a Golden Eagle twice (same one) , increadibly huge Eagle this was , at least a 7’ wingspan , probably more like 8’ . To watch this majestic creature fly by in my field glasses was hypnotizing .

When I say the Smallies were hot and aggressive , this is an example … they were broadsiding each other in an effort to make the hooked fish drop his catch so the attackers could steal it from him … a common occurance when they are like this !!

One acually got away with it . I had a nice one on , was certain it was hooked good because I had already brought him from full cast to near the boat , then he got broad sided and the spinner knocked clean out of his mouth right in front of my face … the spinner was free for two seconds and a 21" Smallie took up the next battle .

Haven’t checked the levels
I’m hoping to get on the Potomac this weekend. I’ll take some Mepps along at your recommendation. We’re in steady rain and have been for a while. It’s probably running strong enough that flies aren’t an option for someone as inexperienced as I am with them and spinnerbaits or in-line spinners will be the way to go. I still have to get the professional quality backlash out of my spinnerbait rod from my last trip.

Remember that targetting bedding bass is illegal in Pennsylvania, even for catch & release. Stay away from slackwater areas with sandy bottoms to keep yourself on the right side of the law.

  • Big D

Big_D , believe in the # 3 …
… smoke every nook and cranny with it , work the open water too , not just shore line cover and structure .

This spinning game is not the relaxed tubing of the bottom or surface plug . It is casting your ass off , one cast right after the other non-stop for every minute you are out there , every inch of water you can reach to . It is marathone type work and produces great catches , but you must cast to a gazzilion spots … it’s greatest strength is the ability of the spinner to cover massive amounts of water , cover and structure quickly , and in so doing you find the fish where he is , which could be a hundred different spots in any given moment .

You will inevitabbly lose some of the spinners … take at least 5 with you . Recovering from underwater snags is the norm , you’ll get it back quickly 9 out of 10 times with proper techniques .

You might want to add a 3"-6" stealon leader … you stand every chance of coming across a huge Muskie or two . Without the leader , you say to yourself … what the hell is wrong with me , I know better , this has happened a hundred times .

The Smallies don’t mind the leader when they are like this and running down the spinners . Don’t be afraid of tickling the bottom cover and structure there with the spinners because it may get snaged … that is how you need to do it to catch them .

The water we fish is quick moving and rocky , 2’-8’ depths . Yesterday I hooked up with one in 1’-2’ of a very fast section , at full distance cast . This section had the white cap ripples for a hundred feet and the drift covered about about 200 or more feet a minute . Took 5 minutes and 300’ of river to get him under control in that current , he was in control up until he finally got netted by my nephew … was an exceptionally heavy Smallie with tons of power and energy and had the current in his favor and used it , near the end he was under the boat twice on each side , circled the boat twice and finally got netted .

Bass Envy
I’m jealous. Already finished our spring trout fishing trip which was great, but bass season doesn’t open up here until the end of June.



RobW , had a look at your site …
… nice thing going there .

Was looking to see some pics. of the fish you all catch … only saw the (Trout ??) in the thumb. pic. . maybe I just didn’t find them , are there any more fish pics. on the site ??

Seems I’ve been hearing from a few people lately “up north” … is it OK to just say Canadians ?? I was surprised to learn that there are “No fishing allowed” seasons up there .

Send a fish pic. now and then , swap a few .

I think my main target would be Northern Pike if I were up there , always have wanted to catch them in numbers like we catch Smallmouth in these parts , but they are far and few between down here . I understand they are plentiful there .