The Sovereign Lady

Who wants to pitch in for @Brodie 's next boat? Yes this came up when I was searching for sea kayaks lol. Just a cool $3 mil. I didn’t know filthy rich people use craigslist and post a price that high on it?

123’ Broward Tri Deck Yacht

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That 3 million is just for starters. Then you have to buy a house with a dock large enough to keep it.

I am now imagining Joe or Jane Craigslist buyer kicking the side of the yacht, commenting that it appears kinda cheaply made, pointing to a few light scratches, then, hands in pockets, asking, will you take one million?


Ah heck, no helicopter. What are they thinking!

I love their showing the pilot house. Like the owners that can buy this will ever be in it - more often than not these things move with an onboard crew. This one has quarters for captain plus 6.

Craigslist choice is interesting, but maybe it is being used more often for such a purpose.

It’s a bit small, but I guess I could fish from it… I’d give them $20 for it.

Brodie likes to sail…without a crew…but probably with a mounted Hibachi
MMMMMM! good fish …maybe just one more glass of Chardonnay. :grin:

Yeah it’s not to my taste. I really like to make an entrance :helicopter: :man_in_tuxedo:

I would really like to know who would buy this. If by some miracle Brodie wins the lottery and buys it though, I think all of should be invited :slight_smile: Or there’s a particularly intriguing sentence in the ad: “The owner will consider trades.”

Now I can imagine trucks full of kayaks being attempted in a trade…

I don’t know. Looks like a good deal to me if that’s in CDN $. Let’s see, at current exchange rates 3.2 Mil = … ~ $99.97! :wink:

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If you paddle in any of the larger yachting harbors, this boat would be relatively insignificant. I’ve seen yachts with twin 30+ foot boats plus a helicopter on their decks and a stern garage for multiple jet skis.

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There is a 154’ yacht in my marina that until recently was listed for 12 million. Listing is gone now, not sure if it sold or if the listing was removed. No helicopter on that boat either! is the boat equivalent of if you ever want to waste some time…

And yes, if I win the lottery and buy a big boat, you’re all invited! But it would definitely be a sailboat.

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I wonder what the mpg is?

You mean GPM :joy:


Oh buoy! I can envision the new series on Discovery Channel or Tru TV, Ship Flippers! On second thought, we’ll need to work on that unfortunate title.

Captain Lou Sal Titanium, Sally C. Shells, and Carson Wentz Tushi leading a cracker jack team of scuttling pirates, welders, and stateroom decorators, converting majestic yachts into an everyman’s garbage scow. Music by DeBarge.

On second thought, I think they already tried that on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, with little success, although Dee did bring us some new dance moves to rival the Elaine Benes’s St. Vitus Day Strut.

I’m more of a sailboat guy too but $3M seems reasonable; its bigger than my house. Figure on spending 15%+ a year for maintenance, crew and docking fees. Filling the gas tanks would empty my bank account… I wonder if the cruising range is enough to do the Northwest Passage. Good to see it has kayak storage.