The Surge kayak?

Any experiences out there with the limited-production Surge Kayak, made up in Maine?

Talk to these folks
The owners of this store paddle and sell Surge boats but they are long time/straight talking kayakers.

I have paddled with folks who own Surges, they love the boat, and the boat seemed to be very well behaved and fast. It is not just another cookie cutter “brit” or “NW” boat, but that is not a bad thing. Although very different boats, think of it as an East Coast Mariner company. Great construction of unique designed boats that really work.

It’s a wonderful boat
my wife demoed one a few years ago and loved it.

If it had a rudder she would have bought it, but it doesn’t and she needs a rudder since she races.



Thorough Review coming
in September.

How bout now?
With that one for sale on the board - how bout a quickie review before it sells?


great boat
Great for blackburn or 90 miler