The Susquehanna River Trail

444 Miles…Coopertown, NY to the Chesapeake Bay. got my maps and guides and am going to do this 6/13/12 to ?. does anyone know of journals or blogs on parts or all of this trip. any info would be appreciated. read this one!OpenDocument

i have hiked long distance (two 500mi AT trips)so i have the light weight gear. food is not a problem. kayak is a perception carolina 14. i am more concerned about where to camp and violating game land and private property rules. any advice on long distance paddling would be great.



Good luck with your trip
There is something called the Susq. River Trail that includes camp sites for part of your trip. I suggest you call Blue Mountain Outfitters in Marysville, Pa and ask them about the trail. I’m pretty sure you can buy a map of it from BMO.

I still have not tried hammock tents. People love them and say they sleep great, but I can’t conceive they would be restful. However, what they do well is set up where there is no site. You don’t need particularly level, dry, or clear ground to be able to set one up. I really try to not camp where I am not supposed to. But, when there is nothing and you need to get off the river, I am not above unobtrusively commando camping. I leave no trace and I leave early in the morning. I think a hammock tent can be tucked into more unobtrusive spots than a traditional tent, so you might want to give that a try.

I recall reading accounts on this site from others who have made the Suzq trip. The archives are limited on this site, but maybe the OPs will see this.

Good luck.


Stealth camp and no fires
I’ve traveled a few places in somewhat civilized areas and got by with following the simple practice of not pulling into shore until dusk and NEVER building a fire or using lights to give away my presence. I read the trip report that you linked to your post. It sounds like these guys traveled in a similar manner and did just fine. fore sure, planning ahead so that you can be certain of where you can and cannot camp is a good idea, but “things happen” and you may need to pull in some where.

Pull in late, Leave early! and safe paddling!

I would love to do the upper section of that river, from Cooperstown perhaps to Binghamton. if it weren’t for my son’s graduation that week I would offer to join you. Good luck!

Hi Karl, I’ve done this trip and have collected all the info you are looking for. I will send you a message.


Good luck!

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Hope you have a great journey. I am planning a similar trip, but much shorter because I mostly fish. I am planning two sections. Cooperstown to Sunbury, PA and Binghamton to Sunbury. My dates are for later in the summer.

pa_paddler.....would you be willing to share that info to one other person?

I have the water trail maps and talking to an outfitter to help take some guess work out. I have floated and fished most of this same water various times, just trying to stay stealth, until my wife started to show interest in going with me. I would like it to be safer for her.


Probably should have added, I will be using a kayak.