The ultimate paddling challenge

Someone should hit some class III rapids with a gondola.

Offer some prize money and the gondola. “Someone” here may take you up on it.

Wow, I was not expecting to see that. Is that Spiritboats, or someone else? Did he do the whole run standing?

Country Western song: “We wuz Stand-Up Paddlin’ before Stand-Up Paddlin’ was cool.” Yep.that’s me in one of my spirited boats–And that is on the Cl. III (when high) Cl.IV (when flooded–Look for obvious chocolate milk color in water) Catskill Creek…Which is one of my local runs, that I have done in almost every craft imaginable over the past dozen years, including: Full-on kayak, tiny play boat, canoe, raft and inflatable kayak(as pictured). Pic above was taken at run completion by a stander-by who kindly emailed them–Thankfully, he didn’t catch any dramatic shots of me being hurled like a protoplasmic projectile at sections with grabby local names like “Twin Holes” and “Disneyland.” But I have added a pic below for added color. Now as to the “whole” run standing up: No, but only those tamer particular rapid sets of which I am already well acquainted, along with most flat stretches. --I find river-striding with a self-bailing IK much more forgiving on the knees when that hurly-burly moment inevitably comes, where one must crash down upon the hull’s floor and paddle his everlovin’ ass off for dear life. .Especially when crafts like SUPs or even um.a gondola, are not part of one’s everyday home fleet :wink:

How come you weren’t standing in the last picture or are we one frame to late? :>)

@PaddleDog52 said:
How come you weren’t standing in the last picture or are we one frame to late? :>)

Yep, come to think of it–You are too late…But if it’ll make you happy…

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