The Ultimate Trip

If you had the time and the means to take your own personal ultimate paddling trip what would it be? New York to London in a canoe? Jet off to the Himalayas to search for whitewater that’s never been run before? Something more pedestrian like fishing at a remote lake you’ve been eyeing?

My ultimate trip would be Nome AK to Seattle WA by kayak, solo. Spend a year or more paddling along, camping, exploring and rediscovering myself. Have a lot of adventures, and hopefully very few misadventures. From this trip I would hope to learn more about myself and discover new inner strengths. See beautiful places that very few others get to experience. Have a deeper understanding of Gods plan and His creation.

So what’s yours?

Mid Missouri to Beverly Mass.

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I am probably not going to do it, but I've thought about it. Missouri River from Mid Missouri to St Louis. To the gulf on the Mississippi. Paddle around that big roadblock called Florida (joke) and head north. Lots of friends and family along the way, so yea, I could do it. Maybe I will. I need to get a SeaWind, then maybe. Thanks for bringing up the idea/plan again.

I’ve thought of;
buying a sailboat on the NW coast (and learning to sail it). Put the kayak on deck and spend the first year touring the OR, WA coast with the final exam being a trip to Alaska. After you’ve seen enough there, maybe a year or five. Head to Hawaii, from there decide whether to return and sell the sailboat or head west till you catch the sunset.

Happy New Years All!


The length of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, from Old Forge, NY to Fort Kent, ME, in one continuous trip. Of course, the job is forcing me to do it section by section, but that is good too.

Another option…paddling most of the Yukon in Alaska.


MacKenzie River to the Artic Circle

funnie you should mention that

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trip ..I have poured over maps dreaming bout a trip very similar...Paddle across the Great Slave Lake...

i soloedd the mackenzie and slave, atahabasca to the arctic ocean if you ever need any info

dream trip
I would love to spend a week camping and fishing the area around Sand Lake in the Adk’s

The trip is in progress, if only I had
the time to join Erin and Hig as they paddle and walk from Seattle to False Pass ( where I spent a year long ago). Their adventures make our fast kayaking tours seem far to tame.

See and take time to look at the most recently added video on youtube

Dreams and more dreams
My ultimate trip would be in a canoe, actually I have a list of such trips and I am working hard on making some of them reality. The first on the list is the Moisie River (Labrador to Saint Laurence), followed by the Nahani River. The list also includes the Mountain River. I am currently planning to do the Moisie in 2009 and hope it will become reality. But an ultimate trip for me would be a trip that to goes from the Hudson Bay over to the Atlantic Ocean crossing Northern Quebec and Labrador. I the mean time I keep on dreaming and hope that some of my dreams will come true.

Dream Paddles!
I think most paddlers never come close to finishing their list of extended dream trips. I look at the posts herein and envy “paddletothesea” who has found the time to do many extended trips I dreamed of as a youth. At 67 I have my list:

l. Paddle the Horton River NWT from its source

to the Beaufort Sea.

2. Yellowknife to Fort Resolution by way of

the Eastern Arm of Great Slave Lake.

3. Circle Babine Lake, BC

4. Down the Columbia River from Canadian border

to Astoria, Oregon.

5. Marias River down the Upper Missouri to the

Ft Peck Reservoir.

Happy Paddling!

Sea of Cortez!

If I didn’t mind so much the cold water paddling it’d be great to paddle from Alaska to Patagonia. So, in the mean time I obsess myself with the Sea of Cortez - maybe someday I’ll have paddled its entire shore. Or, drank a lot of Pacificos trying… ;0)


Watch out the Sear Of Cortez is filled
with Giant Squid some over 100 feet long…don’t dive over 1,ooo ft. deep…even the 200 lb. 8 footers will try and eat you…

Ultimate Trip
A year to paddle in Chile. Vaughn Fulton

Chile looks amazing.

Concerning Literature
I think Timo needs to shut up and paddle.Stick to his strengths…

circumnavigate Hokkaido
I would love to circumnavigate Hokkaido, the northern Island of Japan. I speak some Japanese, so would love the chance to get some more language practice while paddling a beautiful area.

The buy a sailboat and explore the PNW and HI option listed above also sounds quite nice…