Theme options

In case you missed it, there are now 4 themes available to choose from.

The Simple Theme (just added) does have the original poster’s userid and original date as some folks have requested.

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That’s a nice choice. I suspect that much of the displeasure expressed with the changes would have been avoided if it had been the default view on roll out. I know that I would not have been so shocked.

That said, the other views have grown on me and I appreciate the visual information they provide. For instance, there are some members who I feel provide information and insights more suited to my interests and needs. I guess you could say that I sort of follow them. The other views let me know with a glance if they are part of a conversation and if I should open a particular topic. Sort of helps me prioritize my time on the site.

Since the software makes switching between themes so quick and easy I see myself switching between them depending on how much time I have and how long it has been since my last visit. I’m liking this.


Very cool option. Like it. Also appreciate your efforts, Brian, in trying to keep everyone happy. Most sites wouldn’t be so responsive.