Theodore Roosevelt NP - ND

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Has anyone even paddled through the park. I've read about it and its been suggested to me by a friend. I'm a bit skeptical due to the low water conditions but I am curious.

Great Place
Teddy Roosevelt NP is a great place to visit. The low water conditions are not as much a problem as in other areas. The area will be a soft sandy rather than coarse sandy. You will definitely be able escape people and it is beautiful country!

last week

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I was there hiking for a week ending last Thursday (6/22). Beautiful area. Very easy to get away from people. Actually, almost no effort. The Little Missouri is floatable right now although don't expect a fast course. The literature says it is floatable through June, but low after that. Personally, it looked ok to float as long as you realize you might have to get out of the canoe at some ripples. It will be muddy. You could spend 6 days going from the south unit of the park to the north unit, could canoe from the state park south of Medora to the south unit which would be a good day trip. There are other options. You will see pronghorn, deer, bison, wild horses, elk without much effort. Very few people unless, maybe, a couple of backpackers for the most part. Basically, camp anywhere. Back country permits are free and are not be a problem to get.