There's no drain plug? / pamlico 100

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Hello everyone...

I've had my Wilderness systems Pamlico 100 for a while now but it's got very little use as I usually go down the river with a friend & just take the canoe.

Anyway I decided I would clean the Pamlico 100 up today & get some of the cob webs out. I gave it a good spray, wiped it all down, even walked it to the river & paddled for about 30mins. Came back & hosed it down again.
I propped one end on saw horse & then lifted the other end up & lowered it down to rock the water out

Anyway on to my question.
Are there any tricks to emptying the water out of this thing?


You already found it
…but you don’t need something as tall as a saw horse.

Perhaps you could turn it on its side and sponge the water out which allows the dirt and junk to meet in this area. Works for me. My kayak doesn’t know what a water hose is but it stays wet a lot except for the last 3 weeks.

Paddlin’ on


Wet Vac
As stated before, rock it back and forth and sponge it out. When I get home and want to clean out that last cup or two of water and sand, I get out the Wet/Dry Shop Vac.

Drill a hole in the bottom. Use duct
tape.Or not.

You can buy an aftermarket drain plug
and install it yourself.

build alarge fire under the craft, should dryer her out- bert

Sponge water, remove, squeeze, repeat

Do you have float bags?
Not only a safety thing, but they would reduce the amount of water you need to remove (assuming you can figure out how to anchor them securely).

The drain plug kit is what has been done to many a WW boat that was designed without one. My maybe dumb question about that would be 'cause those kits for WW boats assume a pretty thick and rigid plastic wall - a necessary feature for a boat that’ll be regularly hitting solid objects. I’m not sure if the thickness of the plastic in the P100 is close enough to be a good match.

Float bags are a good idea, but will not
help with that last glassful of stray water that collects in the bow. Assuming this P-100 is swamped in action, float bags would, at best, cut by half the amount of water in the boat… maybe much less.

I’ve put in a couple of Harmony drain plug kits, and I think they could work in relatively “thin” plastic. But if placed up near the bow (as on my little Looksha Sport), the drain plug should “encounter” thick enough plastic for the purpose.