Thermarest seats

Just picked up one of those thermarest seat thingy’s where you put your thermarest into this sleeve, and it converts into a chair.

I was wondering if any of you canoe/camping buffs have tried or used this as a canoe seat as well? Not unlike the crazycreek canoe chair - except the thermarest does not have straps to strap it down to the canoe seat.

we are planning a trip this summer, and I like to use dual use stuff whenever possible…so the idea is that the thermarest seat will give me a backrest in the canoe, a seat in the camp - and a pad in my hennessy hammock.

Just wondering if anyone else has used this for the same purposes and how it worked out for you.

I purchased one of the contoured thick inflatables (a Sealine, I believe) and gave it a try. Comfortable, but I missed the “connection” of my butt to the seat for control. I ended up fiddling around with closed-cell foam and now have a happy butt. My inflatable goes unused.


Your milage may vary.