Thermo-electric coolers

Wha Ho, Pilgrims;

Any o’ yer folks got one o’ dem thermo-electrik coolers like Kooltrons? How good be dem fer keepin’ in yer car? Ah’ don’t see dem in de stores too much now-a-days anymore. A few years ago every outdoor store had dem - now nuttin’. Thanky kindly.

Fat Elmo

They Work
the main problem with them is in learning to understand how they work and maximizing their use…for example, when you put items into the cooler make sure they are already cold whenever possible…that speeds the coolers ability to keep the other items in the cooler cold…Pelltier devices transfer heat…so that makes them both coolers AND Heaters…all I have to do to get my cooler to become a heater is reverse the plug…

When you go packing people into a room…5 people in a room for eight hours the AC adjusts over time…hold a meeting and add 20 more, and the AC has to kick into overdrive to cool the room, and it’s uncomfortable until it manages to cool the room back down…same thought process applys to the thermoelectric coolers…

I have an IGLOO cooler that works fine…just make sure you don’t leave it plugged in for long enough to run the battery down below what’s needed to start the engine…suggest you apply a battery minder to the setup to avoid that.

What ST said
Agree. We have one we take on road trips in our van. It keeps drinks, sanwiches, salsa, etc. properly cold. Can’t remember the brand. We like it.

Saw some the other day
at National Wholesale Liquidators in Nanuet if you’re shopping.

They’re so-so
I have a small Coleman, 18 cans size, that I use as an extra space for keeping the important stuff (beer) cold. It has a thermo-cool lid and one that makes the box into a traditional ice chest. I’ve only used the thermo-cool feature if I know I will be camped where there is a 120V plug for my 120/12 adapter. I also have a larger Coleman, I guess its about 24 - 36 qt. which has trashed two 12V circulating fans and one power supply. I was using it for keeping lunch cold in my shop and gave up on fixing it. It would have been cheaper to buy a small dorm room frige. None of them can keep a product colder than maybe 30 degrees below ambient temp. If you are doing a long car trip and remember not to drain your battery when stopped, maybe good. I would just rather use the reusable ice packs or a frozen gallon jug of water for a day trip.