Thermo kayaks

Hi all, I’m looking to get a thermoform sea kayak, but I’m struggling to find the right one. My primary experience is from the Dagger Blackwater which is 10.5ft long & 26.5in wide. I find the kayak to be very roomy and spacious inside allowing me to properly bend my legs. However, when i tried a sea kayak, the Seaward Halo 130 13x24.5, it was too small for me to bend my legs. Is this true of all sea kayaks? Does anyone recommend some good kayaks to try? Is the Necky Looksha (though polyethylene), or the Wilderness Tsunami more spacious inside? Plus, does anyone know of any other brands of thermoform kayaks? Thanks in advance. - clear

No idea where you’re located, but Eddyline, a USA company, makes thermoform kayaks:
as does Delta, a Canadian company:

Hurricane also produces thermoform boats. There’s a good number of them at a local sporting goods store, but I find their material is quite thin.

If you state your height and weight, am sure others will make recommendations for boats that will fit you.

There are many sea kayaks that can be roomy in the cockpit. In general, look for boats aimed at larger paddlers. Some that immediately come to mind that are shorter (seems to be what you are after based on models you mentioned) are Dagger Alchemy, Dagger Stratos, and P&H Delphin.

Thermoformed kayaks are a smaller market, so the options are more limited. But if you ask Delta and Eddyline which of their models are aimed at larger paddlers and/or have more leg space, I am sure they will respond back.

Of course, you could get down to a good kayaker retailer (not a big box, or even an REI, but someone who specializes in kayaks) and start sitting in boats.

I’m very happy with my Eddyline SOT kayak. Caribbean 14. The folks at Eddyline were very helpful and answered all my email questions quickly. Not an inexpensive kayak, but very well made and 10 pounds lighter than my 13 foot Necky (also a great kayak).

To begin with, what is your fascination with “thermoformed” kayaks? Not that there is anything wrong with that, but you really shouldn’t rule out polyethylene, or composite boats.
If it has to be thermo (ABS), then look for an Eddyline Raven. They have quit building that model, but I know of one store that still has one.

My recommendation would be to do some looking around on the Internet at a few really good brands. I would start with Current Designs, P&H, Valley, Stellar and nckayaks.

I have a 2013 thermoform Delta 15.5 expedition sea kayak (15-1/2’ x 24 1/2" x 52 lbs) in excellent condition, listed on this site in the Used Kayaks section at less than half the cost of new. Plenty roomy and stable. I’m 6’3" x 215 lbs. Sure worked well for me.

I swapped boats with a guy for about half an hour. His was a 16’ Delta with rudder. He, being relatively new to kayaking still, perceived the boat as “washy” and “unstable”. As many people who have had more than a few years in the seat know, this is much more often a function of the paddler than the boat. So I got in and though I did find the “primary stability” to be less than obvious, the secondary was obvious and generous when put on edge. I found it quite easy to roll and it moved well through the water for the very limited time I was in it. I’ve helped move the same boat on a few occasions and can say that you’ll definitely appreciate the light weight of them. I question the strength and durability compared to composite and poly, but they’re probably tougher than I think. The cockpit was roomy for me, and I’m 6’2" 225 lbs (or so).