Thermo-lectrik koolers

Since Andy_S seems not ta have one o’ dem new-fangled thermo-lectrik koolers dat kin mysterioosly disappear fro’ his’ems boat :>), ah’ wuz lookin’ at dem fer me truck instead o’ an ice-cooled chest. Dun’t need a big one - just ‘nuff fer a couple sixpacks an’ some grub. Any ye pilgrims rekoomend one or anutter? Kooltron, Coleman and Igloo makes dem.


Had one of these
stolen from my truck!

I was waiting till we reused our …
12 year old one to reply, and we just used it this past weekend.

Ours is a Coleman and once again worked great.

We originally got it for our pop-up camper and used it a lot.

With that said, it will only keep things cool, (not cold) -By now maybe they have improved them to keep ice from thawing, but I don’t know

It not only cools, but you reverse the plug and it will warm things.

Ours has both a cigar lighter plug in, and then an adaptor so it can be pluged into 120 volts also.

Hope this helps a bit, and sorry I am late responding

Jack L

Beats some good ole ice for keepin them beers cold! I think dem thermoelectric thingys only drop the temp about 40f below the outside air temp.

Bring it when we go car camping at a site with electricity. Cools to 25 degrees below ambient air, which means things can get frost bitten if air is cool. Had it for less than 2 years, used about 12-15 camping trips. As someone said, it’s not a refrigerator. Good for keeping frozen leftover meals cold for use while camping (beats freeze-dried food). Keeps salad greens fresh.