Thermoform kayak material experience?

I’m seeking some feedback from someone who has had some field experience with one of the thermoform kayaks (Carbonlite, etc.). While not necessarily whitewater, we run a lot of shallow rivers here in the midwest. My rotomolded poly kayak has a lot of “memories” on her bottom and sides. I’ve been eyeing one of the thermoformed kayaks, primarily for its improved ability to maintain a shape, avoid oil-canning, but am wondering how it will stand up to sliding over rocks. Or, do most people use the more-expensive, thermoform kayaks only on deeper water? TIA

I have two Eddyline carbonlights
and neither are “rock friendly” like the tupperware boats which more or less bounce off the rocks. I wouldn’t even consider taking my boats into a rock hazard area unless it was an emergency. Carbonlight is a very stiff material and does not flex. I advise you to stay clear of carbonlights if you want to run rocky rivers.

I have a Trylon & an Airalite hull…
…for several years; have scraped plenty of rocks and have the scratches to prove it…so far, so good. Oh, and I’ve slammed into a few rocks, also. I don’t think these hulls are as fragile as some imagine, but maybe I’m being too careless.

Maybe I am just too careful
not wanting to test the limits on a $2,000.00 boat.

I have a hull full of “skritch” marks (I say “skritch” because that is what I sounds like when the granite takes a piece of the hull). The hulls are more durable than fiberglass, but not as forgiving as poly. Eddyline claims that the gouges can be repaired by filling (I believe they offer a kit). I have also dropped a boat off the roof of the truck onto the road pavement with no damage. (about a 5-foot free fall). The boat did bounce…

Still, I think such abuse would eventually take its toll.