Thermoform plastic repair?

Here is the story. The bottom of my boat is pretty beat up at this point due to rocks. Nicks gouges big crapes etc. Yesterday when out I ran aground several time at speed and actually had to portage down the middle of the river a couple of times. I am not really worried about the smaller ones but wonder if the larger ones can/should be filled and if there is a way to smooth out the jagged edges on some of them.I also had a lot of hull flexing when I ran aground, nothing seemed to pop or crack but does this affect the long term strength of the boat?

As always many thanks for your advice and replies.


what are you paddling? what’s the boat?

Eddyline Noghthawk.
Nice boat for my needs usually. I like to run the Ct. river here in Western Mass and usually that presents no problems at any level. Looks like I have an excuse to go buy another boat.


Check the Eddyline web page
They list repair procedures for the thermoform boats

Sometimes I can be a complete idiot. I cheched various sources and did a couple searches and the one place I didn’t check was the builders web site. I should be paddled.


Since we’re On the Subject…I Have a CD Breeze…Rotomolded Poly…with Many Dings and scratches as well… I Try Sanding down the Rough Gouges is helpful,But Filling in the remaining grooves is a Mystery…Any Suggestions…?..I Find an Occasional Waxing is helpful overall…But I still Have Deeper Gouges that create Drag… Is There anything i can Use As a Filler???..Ken

Don’t worry
I’ve asked dumber questions than that


Plastic Welding kit.