Thermoform surface crack in hull

The Eddyline website says, “[Thermoformed material] is first made into a two layer flat sheet with a “muscle” substrate and a hard abrasion and UV resistant exterior.”

I have a crack that appears to be only in the surface layer, as if it’s lifting up very slightly from the layer under it. Should I worry about this or not?

To clarify, I would call it a crack, about 4" long and irregularly shaped, rather than a scratch, but it definitely does not go all the way through the material and it is watertight.

my 2 cents
If it doesn’t go all the way through the thermoform layer, I’d just keep an eye on it and leave it be. I have a couple thermo boats in the fleet with some deep scratches and they have held up fine like that for years of regular use.

Thanks, Jesse
I think and hope you’re right.

Talk to Eddyline.
As for the construction, I think it’s like half of a Royalite without a foam layer. The “muscle” layer is ABS, strong but UV sensitive. The outer layer is a sort of acrylic, hard and UV resistant. (This may provoke more accurate answers.)

I would bet that Eddyline has a simple repair approach for the kind of crack you describe. Possibly a thin glue that would wick into the crack and then harden. During the glue-up, it might be necessary to strap a board over the crack to force things together.