Thermoformed ABS boat repair

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Wha Ho, Pilgrims;

Jus' got called back ta part time active duty in de canoo an' 'yak department of de local outdoors store (ROS) waar ah've been woykin' off an' on since '01. Wat ah' sees on de racks be a load o' thermoformed ABS (Airlite, Carbonlite 2000, TCS, watever yer want ta call it) 'yaks.

Now here be me' questoon. Wat be de latest an' greatest method of repairin' dis here stuff?

De only reeference ah' kin' find is use a glue wit methymethaculate an' fibberglas cloth. Thanky kindly.


Thermoplastic Repair
You may already have seen this but if not it may help.


I can’t understand a thing you wrote
but if you’re asking about ABS repair, fiberglassing it over–while nothing to look at aesthetically–works fine.

seriously FE
ya’ friggin’ mispelt watever. Even Pamlico know it’s wate’er. Ya ya I know, you got a poifect 4.0 in dat der reformitory school yada yada yada…