Thermoformed kayaks......

I’ve been concentrating on Eddyline, but wondering how Delta models comparable to the Fathoms stack up.( Not really interested in 17’ or larger.)

I paddle mostly calmer waters,rivers, springs, but am interested in trying more open areas with some challenges such and even tours of several days. But I am shopping for an “all -around” kayak and understand that I’d make sacrifices one way or another.

makes some very nice boats. The 16 is a competent all rounder. The 12.10 is is a good river/springs boat for our Florida waters. I have owned a Fathom by Eddyline which many people enjoy but the romance did not happen for me and I sold it. Many with more seat time in both brands may chime in. Waterbird who posts here has a Delta12.10 which she prefers over her Eddyline Journey.

the 2 Fathoms
were fun when I was able to test paddle them this past Sunday. Just need to search where I can try out Deltas.

I like the 15s and 16 as far as size and looks go.

Again, Eddyline Raven
If you are limiting yourself to a thermoformed boat, I stongly advise you to consider the Raven. At the very least it should be the standard that you use for comparison. It is a no compomise sea kayak that will do it all and it is under 17 feet.

Agree with Magooch
I don’t know anything about Deltas but I have test paddled both of the Fathoms and the Raven and by far I prefer the Raven. So if you go with Eddyline try out the Raven.

Specifics of Raven better?

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Hey, magooch and dc9mm: I have a Fathom and love it for what I do (mountain lakes of various size); similarly, my wife loves her Fathom LV. I will probably never have a chance to try a Raven, so I would love to hear as specifically as possible just what it is that makes one prefer it; in what context? (My underlying wonder is about whether or not I might also prefer it or whether what it is specifically good at is not so relevant to me.) Thanks!

To start with, the Raven is fast–especially considering it is 16’-9". Actually, I’ve paddled longer boats that didn’t feel as fast. The boat handles very easily and just does everything very, very well.

A while back, I saw an Internet video that showed a fellow playing around in surf in a Raven (side surfing, etc.) and he made it all look so easy. I’ve only paddled the Raven a few times at demoes and even from that, I could tell the boat was one of the top 5 all around boats I’ve paddled.

I also like the looks of the boat; I’m partial to the British style. Eddyline has done a nice job of contouring the deck, etc. to stiffen things up. Yeah, the boat weighs about 50 lbs., but that certainly isn’t too much for a boat of its size.