I’m on the hunt for a digital thermometer that has the abiity to store the high and low temperature for any given day. I have looked, but can’t seem to find one online??

Any suggestions-

some ideas

has min/max recall feature…

Thanks, but I should have been
more specific… I’m looking for something that is more portable that could be used on a hiking trip or a float trip. That still has the capability to capture daytime highs and lows.

I didn’t see that in those links unless I overlooked??

I have one sitting right in front of me
as I am typing this.

It is a “ACU-RITE”

It does the indoor and the outdoor and then has the “max” and the “min.”

I am pretty sure we got it at Lowes

jack L

Maybe something along the lines of…
“All Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters are made in the USA and covered by a 5-year warranty”

Paddle easy,


"wrist-top computer"
Some of the super duper watches like those from Suunto have thermometers and some very refined functions and even software. My Suunto vector has a thermometer but it doesn’t store the data. Newer models like the Core just might.