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Trying to find the best thermos for keeping drinks hot. Preferably one that you can drink from rather than one with a seperate cup. Does not have to be too big, about 2 cups would do. I’m sure some one out there has some favorites

Have used a few 16oz versions
The actual vessels all seem no different performance wise in my experiece, as long as we are talking vacuum sealed stainless steel. About the only thing having any real difference might have been each companies cup/cap style, and whether it be a pour cap which has to be screwed out slightly to pour, or has a push-button feature which depresses to deliver the beverage. Over time most everyones push-button syle dispenser eventually leaked or malfunctioned for me. And in reality, insulated cap cup (most have 'em) or not, they are so small in that vessel size you will probably consume the beverage before it has a chance to chill. Over the years I’ve managed to ruin everyones version by dropping it on my concrete steps a few times trying to get my keys out with an armload. Even though they are all full welded stainless, a few good drops often rendered them, no matter who made 'em, non-thermal anymore. I’ve gotten as good of results from my G.S.I. vacuum bottles as any of the others, for a lot less $$$. I now prefer the caps which need to be screwed out slighly/completely to pour. And just for a mention, any vessel you are able to drink straight out of will probably burn your mouth, or it probably isn’t doing it’s job. I usually have to let anything coming out of my G.S.I. bottle cool for a moment before consuming. You should also ‘prime’ the vessel w/boiling H2o first for a few minutes… your beverage will stay hot quite a bit longer by pre-heating the bottle.

Drinking from bottle sounds dangerous

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It seems if you could find a thermos that allows you to drink the hot liquid without unscrewing the cap, you would risk burning yourself, like drinking hot coffee through a straw. Otherwise, you have to take the cap off to drink, which isn't that much more convenient than pouring into a cup and drinking that. I agree with stickman, too, that the contents of the thermos would also be dangerously hot. pouring it into a cup gives a chance to cool to safe temp.

If you have a completely open thermos full of hot liquid around while you drink it, esp. in a kayak, you risk spilling the contents, and at best losing all your hot drink, at worst scalding your lap with a lot of liquid. If you pour it from a loosen-cap style and then into a cup, you only risk spilling the small cup.

I also agree with stickman that the cap which you unscrew slightly is more durable than the type where you snap up a little spout. I love my big green Stanley thermos, but they come in smaller sizes.

I also preheat my thermos with boiling water before pouring in the liquid, as stickman suggests.

thermos Nissan series

that one (the Stainless Steel Backpacker model) is my choice…i love it…

i have left it in the car with just boiled tea and come back to the car the next morning and the tea is still lukewarm-on a 30’ bunch of days!!!

love it…


Another vote for Nissan
Yet again, I’m going to recommend the more expensive option. However, this is based on direct, side-by-side comparison. We have a 24oz Thermos brand (cheaper at Gander Mtn) and 24 oz. Nissan (more expensive at local outfitter’s). They look almost identical, and I would not be surprised if they are build in the same factory in China. But, side-by-side, Nissan keeps it’s contents warmer and longer, very noticable after 6+ hours.

Do not get the kind with the pop-up button in the lid!!! I’ve broken 3 of these. Admittedly, the manufacturer replace 2 of these, but I’ve gone to the simple/robust screw-in type lid.

All of that said, just about anything will work fine for short day trips.


wrap it

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maybe the one in the above link works better than the 16oz Nissan I got five years ago. I tried it out in freezing weather and it got warm in a half hour and the contents cooled off in a few. I wrapped it with 1/2" minicell and duct tape with the lid similarly wrapped and capped and it works great. It can sit in the bottom of a kayak at 40 degrees with no heat loss nearly all day. The other benefit to wrapping it is that it's not noisy rolling against fiberglass or if dropped it's protected.
Also with the thick wrapped lid the contents don't immediately cool off in freezing air temps when poured into the thin plastic lined aluminum lid. For fat gloved hands the minicel wrapped cup is an easy grip.

yep, this is the one, if you're truly in cold weather and the thermos is in a cold/wet environment I don't think the 16oz versions hold the heat as well as the bigger ones. But if you only need 16oz it will work very well if wrapped with minicell.

this looks better
22oz,not 16, not 34,the 16 empties out quickly with two cold people.

element 5
this is the one i ordered E40600

Thermos brand has the most intelligent
They know how to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.