can yall recommend a good tough thermos to carry with me on canoe trips?

nothing wrong with the original

has a nice selection and a great return policy. I have had my thermos wacked by a fork lift, offered to buy the replacement parts, and was told it was alife time gaurantee!

Love my thermos

The original big, green, stainless job. Lord, mine has hit the pavement so many times. I’ve been using it for years.

go to a construction site, and every coffee drinker has a stanley thermos. They are tough as nails

I recently bought a new Stainless steel Thermos. It is unique in that it has a Pour thru spout in the screw on cap,so that the cap doesn’t have to be removed to pour.

Filled with hot water, the thing can be used to pour half the contents, and the remainder is still hot the next day.

pour through lid
I have one like that as well. Just make sure to keep it clean and dry. Mine will begin to smell bad in the pour lid if not cleaned well. I don’t tighten the lid down for storage either.

To get rid of the smell you can soak it in a hotwater/vinegar mix.

liquid solutions
I have had a couple of them for a few years. They seem to work better than any other brand I have tried.

That’s what I have, a Liquid Solution.

Nisson Thermos best
There is a big difference in performance of thermos. Nisson is hands down the best, even among all the stuff the actual thermos brand sells.

Me Too
I have used the big green Stanleys for work. New ones seem of lesser quality, but maybe I think that just because they are now made in China now. Anyway, LLBean sells the Liquid Solutions as a house brand and I have found their performance to be excellent, price is right, and just right size for kayaking. Made in China too. The new ones at LLBean seem to have a push to pour top which I dislike. BTW, Liquid solutions customer support is excellent. I lost a top, called them, they looked for a top with the same anodized color, and immediately sent out a new one free of charge.

Agree, get a Nissan
I usually boil water at dinner and put it in my Nissan thermos for the morning coffee. This way I don’t have to leave my tent and fire up the stove in the mornings. The water remains boiling hot even when we get a cold snap here in FL. I am impressed with the Nissan thermos. Got that advice after posting here for a recommendation.

The glass Thermos . . .
. . . seem to work the best but fragile. The stainless Thermos works good and has lifetime guarantee. I sent on back that lost its vacuum and got a new one.

The big green Stanleys suck. They don’t keep coffee hot for long.

I haven’t tried the Nissin stuff but I think Thermos and Nissin are owned by the same bunch now.

UNO-VAC, Nissan or Stanley
I have a quart sized old UNO-VAC and pint size Japan made Nissan and really like them both.

Each of these were were purchased from estate sales and keep liquids hot for hours.

My husband worked construction for 40+ years and always used Stanley’s. He never had any problem keeping his coffee hot and believe me, he likes his coffee hot so when it would get run over by a dozer or other piece of heavy equipment his request would be for another Stanley.

Sometime his Stanley would end up with significant dents but still worked excellent.

Hands down the very best thermos I have ever used.


for all the helpful replies

Patrick Thermos
Came with my Spongebob lunch box. It has served me well. It also has a nautical theme.