They're Back... GWS

Be smart. Don’t surf near seals. :thinking::man_surfing:



Why not? Seals are cute… j/k

And don’t forget delicious for the discerning palate that prefers it’s fat marinated in fish guts and fuel oil.
Peace J

Same goes for mullet schools.

Ok. This is close to home … (Well, closer to my son who lives down at the Cape, but he doesn’t surf.)

PS. Another reason for winter surf preference. GWS migrate south as our waters get colder.


I used to live in Hawaii. The surfers used to get a little tense there at waves off the north end of the runway at the entrance to Hickam Harbour. IT seems that the sharks would often surf in with them in the waves.

This is the equivilent of being hit by lightening, or winning the lottery… But, still… the stuff of nightmares for some of us who frequent the surf zone.


First, I thought this was “local.” Actually, a Boston based victim at the right place at the wrong time.


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They have been off Maine all this time, just that no one bothered tracking them that far north until a few years ago. However, unlike the area around Cape Cod the seals in most of Maine hit the water and hide if a kayak gets within a coiuple hundred feet. The woman who was killed off Bailey Island a couple or so years in Maine was swimming in an area where the seals had become more acclimated to humans than further up the coast and stayed closer in to where the people were.

I have never worried about a GWS where I go in Maine. I would be a whole lot more cautious around Cape Cod or some of the more touristy areas further south pon the eastern seaboard.

My son lives on Great Island - beautiful area and you can see seals out on the rocks. I think of that every time I bring my kayak up there.

You can see them all over from the air over Cape Cod

Ignorance is bliss (or out of sight, out of mind)…?