Thigh Brace Padding

Would like to get an average measurement from some folks. This would be the space between one’s leg which would be straight and your thigh brace.I have a sit in Seaward Chilco.

It seems I have about 4" or so and this seems to be too much.

Thanks, Earl

My leg is never straight . . .

My leg is never straight, but always slightly bent, and always in contact with my thigh braces. Zero tolerance. I only lose contact if I straighten my leg to stretch periodically.


Thanks… I will locate padding and start getting it straight, Pun intended.


Toy Around A Bit
Try various size foam pads with different settings of the foot pedals. What you want is light contact (tighter in ww boat) while your feet are resting on the foot pedals in a comfortable position. When you flex your feet and push against the pedal, you want to feel your thighs/knees locking to brace for better control of the boat.

Outfitting takes time but ensures that the boat is fitted to your specific body frame.


outfitting boat
HI all…when outfitting & adding foam to your boat, could you recommend what type of glue to use?