Thigh Braces Avocet

I busted a thigh brace on Avocet, wing nut broke through the brace. Has anyone had any luck repairing them? Also, any suggestions on a different thigh brace?

Thanks for your input.

What material? “Glass” would be
relatively easy. You’d just have to get some glass and West G-flex and build up a new surface. Poly is harder, but with West’s method described on their website, you can flame poly so G-flex will stick. And the pull would, I think, be downward, pulling the drilled patch against the brace?

Another approach would be to cut a piece of poly from a trashed boat or even a garbage can, and use G-flex to glue it over the gap. Then drill for a new screw, etc, and use a bigger aluminum washer.

Let us know if I’m not visualizing the problem correctly.

Had this hapen on my Aquanaut
I had it happen on my Aquanaut a month or two back. Was surprised at first o see a wing nut, but I guess that makes more sense than a standard not (gives something for the foam material to grab on to).

Talked to the regional rep, and he said he had seen one other like this before. He replaced for me for no charge. Maybe go back to your dealer and see if they can help you out?

thigh brace
Thanks to the both of you. G2d , Mine is the poly version, the issue was the wing nut actually broke through the black rubber brace.I think I hit it pretty hard trying to do a re-entry.