thigh braces for a rec boat?

Just wondering how I would install, and what kind of thigh braces for a rec boat. Specifically the Heritage Featherlite 14. Any advice or links to sights that sell them would be appreciated… thanks

I put theigh braces in a Grumman
believe it or not. It also had a pedistal. Got em from NRS made for rafting and adapted them.

Necky Comfort Fit Adjustable
might just fit. Can you post a photo of the cockpit rim profile? Is it a roto boat? If so these might work well. I’m sure Necky would sell you some. They are new on the Manitou series boats and are pretty nice with three adjustments, and big contact area. Easy to glue additional foam to as well.

looks good
Those necky braces look like what I’m looking for, I’ll see if I can get them on that boat.