Thigh braces for Aquanaut

Any suggestions for creating/installing a beefier thigh brace in my Valley boat versus just the flat 1/4 inch foam I’ve cemented in on the flat thigh brace areas. I would really like a beefier brace design like the Wilderness system Tempest but have no idea how to install something in a glass boat.

my solution
In mine I found that I didn’t really need a bigger brace, but when my legs were sweaty I would slip a bit. So I just glued an extra strip of neoprene maybe an inch wide and few inches long to the inside front part of the existing foam on the brace. This was just enough of a lip to prevent too much slippage. Rolling was never a problem, but holding an edge for a while is where I felt some slippage of my knee.

Build up the inside edge
Just cut and shape more minicell to create a lip and cement it in. Works fine in my Vela.

like this?

As in this image, noting the inside of the cockpit?

Yes, I am missing that type of support, having only added some foam underneath the cockpit thigh area itself. However, during a roll, I believe the thighs have a tendency to move toward the center of the boat so I was thinking that more of a hook would be beneficial.

Not sure but
I can’t tell from the photo what they did underneath. But I just shaped a piece that created a hook and Dap Weldwood cemented it to the flat layers of minicell I had added under the full surface of the thigh brace, so that the new piece stuck down a little inside the thigh.

It’s pretty brainless to do. The worst that happens is you put in too big a piece and file it down.

Or Nystrom’s
The example you found looks very good. You might also take a look at Brian Nystrom’s solution:

I’ve always wished my Aquanaut had a true keyhole like my Romany:

a few layers
is stronger than one big overlay on the thigh braces -think plywood.

I have found that you need to go proportionately thicker when using minicell as it doesn’t approximate the thin stiffness of fiberglass (or hard plastic) thighbraces built into the coaming.

I decided this weekend to go for a more hooked over fit on the thigh braces, being not satisfied w. the grip when doing (trying to do) traditional rolls. I was coming out of the boat trying to scull :frowning:

My plan is to trace the form of the existing, draw out the overlap, do two layers of this in 1/2" minicell (total thickness therefore 1" that go all the way back to the sides of the boat, and then glue 1-2 layers more in 1/4" over that without the new overap. Per usual I test apply w. velcro and sit in it many times, and always before adding another layer.

Some folks velcro everything in place and do a test cruise w. normal forward strokes, bracing, etc. I have done this w. hip and seat layering… for comfort as well as performance.

Always make sure the additional padding still allows a quick, smooth wet exit!

exactly, I want to build up more of a hooked vs. flat surface. Time for sculpting.

half inch
mini cell works well

I cut some left over 3.5 X 7.5’’ inch strips and contact glued them in place next to each other on each side… just two were more than enough for me…

The really thin neoprene (1/16) works really well as a finish layer… I had just enough scraps to cover where the knees contact… they stiffen up the 1/2 foam and make a tough outer layer…

it feels so nice!

Consider Velcro …
I had good luck (as in still going strong after 3 years) with glueing industrial velcro. Glue the loop side to the bottom of the 1/4" foam and the hook on the sculpted minicell piece, then you have a removable system if you need to when wearing thicker layers in winter.