Thigh braces on P&H boats

I’m guessing they’re all pretty similar, but wondering about the Virgo, in particular. Whereabouts should they contact my leg? Right now, they are about in the middle position, and the front edge of the thigh brace is about on top of the middle of my kneecap. Not sure if the brace should be touching my kneecap at all?

More over your thighs than that. Can you move the3 seat forward?

Those thighbraces adjust about an inch forward and back. Remove the top screw and loosen the side screw to move.


OK, thanks. So they really shouldn’t be touching my kneecap at all? The seat doesn’t move, but I can slide the braces back a bit. They are around the middle setting now.

It’s possible to move the seat but that can affect the trim. Start with the thigh braces

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I guess I got it more or less figured out. I slid them all the way rearward, and they are off my knee. Only small issue is, the front edge of the brace falls right at the back edge of my knee. That blue trim on the edge of the brace is rough and feels a bit annoying on my skin. The thigh braces/pads in my Tempest are a lot more comfortable, IMO. Also, adjusting the braces in the P&H is a hassle. You’d think they could’ve made it a little easier.

Still debating even keeping this boat. It’s really fun to paddle, but I’m still having comfort issues with the seat. Plus, the thigh brace fit and design isn’t all that great, at least for my body type.

Over the knee not an issue. But you need some of it over your thighs. Unless I have this backwards and they are so far back they are ahead of your knee?
Mine fit best when I have about half my thigh under them.

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OK, thanks. With the braces pushed fully rearward, they front edge was still hitting my kneecap uncomfortably. I didn’t realize the whole seat could move, too, so I moved it forward a notch (which was quite a pain in the butt due to the metal retaining bar falling off under the deck. Anyway, I think it feels a lot better now. My knees have some room to breathe. Hopefully, moving the seat forward doesn’t screw up the paddling characteristics of the boat (I doubt it would since they made it to be adjustable. Maybe being slightly more forward will improve tracking, too?

I haven’t paddled that boat so can’t comment usefully on trim.

It sounds to me like your issue may be more padding than placement, if your knee is hitting uncomfortably.

Or are they so high that only your knee is hitting, not any of your thigh? If that is the case I suggest that you pad them down so that more of your thigh is catching them.

Reason is that, when you start learning edging etc. you don’t really want all of that happening on your kneecap.

I ended up putting the seat back to its original position. Braces were too far back. In this position, my thigh makes contact, but the front edge of the brace digs into my knee a little, depending on how my leg is positioned. Another stupid design thing…the cable from the skeg control passes right by that pad, and if my knee is in the right spot, it can press against that, too.

MInicell foam, a thinnish one to start, and Weldwood Contact Cement.