Thigh braces

I just bought a perception supersport that came with thigh braces installed. they are less on my thighs and more on my knees (or just above) once im in the marvelous “tuna in a can” position in my boat. i understand a river running kayak isnt a leather interior motor coach- but i mean they put so much pressure on my hips and thighs and make my knees kinds twist- like to the point where its excrutiating.(sp) im trying to stretch my legs a bit more thinking if i were more flexible it would help, but im not sure. are the thigh braces necessary, or are there any made for shorter riders that would ride higher up on my legs? or are they even supposed to ride higher?



Sounds Like…
The boat is too big for you. The “thigh braces” should be felt somewhere on your thigh, not your knees. You can probably padded it out with foam, just behind the area where you knees are touching, to make contact with the thighs and to minimize pressure on the knees. You can move the bulkhead forward (old boat usually has moveable bulkheads) and move the back band forward. This will push you knees a little further forward.

Tinker and outfit a little bit may get the boat to some level of comfort for you.


In addition…
Try what Sing suggests. If that doesn’t work then tear out the thigh braces and replace them with foam glued to the bottom of the deck in the proper position. You do need thigh braces in a WW boat. They are essential for controlling the boat. You may also have to admit that you made a mistake in buying this boat. In which case sell it and wait to buy something else until you have had some lessons. Borrow or rent boats in the meantime.

Are they removeable?
How new is your boat? Some have thigh braces that can be removed and replaced with different sizes. It may be the braces that are too big and not the boat. When I bought the Perception Method air, I had the same problem you’re describing. It came with large thighbraces and it was terribly uncomfortable. I ordered small ones and it was much better. Also, as suggested, move the bulkhead forward, or if you have footpegs move them forward to stretch out your legs a little. Then move the seat forward (or backband) to move your legs up a little further under the braces. Outfitting a boat is, as one instructor told me, a very personal thing. It’s like a fitting for a tux; a little tighter here, a bit looser there, etc. Just tinker until you’re comfy, but still have good control.

thigh braces
thanks for the input. im going to try to move the bulkhead forward as suggested. the boat doesn’t feel to big for me, like i feel really good in it other then this, the ammount of control i have is great. also, the thigh braces are removable from what i can tell. its hard to try to figure out what size i will need and all b/c i dont have a local outfitter i can get to look at my boat and talk to. but just last night i was watching an instructional rolling video and it showed the interior of a cut-away kayak to demonstrate the proper knee motion-and the thigh braces were EXACTLY on him where they are on me! maybe his set up just sucks as well, who knows, but ill try your suggestions. thanks.


Use Minicell Foam
I pad all my thigh braces. Even a 1/4" layer helps to make the brace more comfortable. Most have more. I shape the the foam to conform to the angle of my thighs so that the pressure is distributed along the thigh and not only the high point – the knee.


do you know where i can find it?

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