Thigh Straps for a SINK Kayak: anyone?

Thigh straps. WW and sea kayakers are always seeking ways for more aggressive boat control. Have anyone ever considered adding thigh straps such as these to their sit in kayak?

Certainly could attach to footpegs and seat or backband sides. I know, might get tangled with them on an exit, true. And if the conditions were rough enough to mandate that degree of boat control, then a wet exit might be necessary and tangle possible (by the way, anyone tangle on these on a SOT?, That would seem possible also, and a SOT is hard to flip back once tangled, I’d guess)

But real “hooks” to get that rockered playboat moving to and fro would be keen.


Thigh Straps
I have velcro ones in my EFT which I rarely use, other than to provide a grab strap when shouldering the boat for a portage. I really think their use for a boat like the EFT is to prvent you from literally falling out of the more open cockpit. For me, they tend to lock my legs down and prevent leg pumping action. If they wrap around the thigh, then they can ride up or down-annoying. Sourcing out some minimal thigh braces might be a better way to go. If you can get an image of the thigh braces Valley uses on their Rapiers, you might like the design of these. They’re hooked, high and out of the way, but right there when you need them. I would doubt they’re offered as aftermarket, but hey, an email and you never know. I think Dagger and WS (?) used to offer some whitewater playboat braces that could be bolted on/in.


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KS, yes I paddled, and yes, I am losing it. :-)

Valley, t-bite, I see what you mean.

Those squared off thigh brace seem aggressive, which is good, but sharp cornred, which is bad. Gouge.

one word:

Did it on a Pungo140.
Worked great, but if I wanted to adjust them or shift my legs, I had to pop/unzip the skirt. Oh, and snag hazard? None. Straighten your legs and they fall/float to the sides and out of the way.

I think if you could make adequate contact with the deck, you’d be better off adding/building thigh braces or a massik. If you already have thigh braces, they’d be superfluous.

Dagger and Harmony used to offer add-on thigh braces. Keep your eye on Ebay. They come up from time to time, $15-40 usually.


surf kayakers and wave skiiers use
seat belts~sometimes…riot used to offer it in their boogie…takes a lot to strap yourself into one…better practice getting out!!!

some people do not like the added step of a wet exit AND removing their belt…but there are some out there adding in a quick safety release at the base of the belt to the seat (makes a bit more sense)…

the belts that you see in/on surf craft are either a straight belt over the lap…OR what is called a quad belt…my understanding of a quad belt is two straps-one for each thigh connects at the crotch to the seat…but i am not 100% about this design…more comfortaable-probably…

i know that sing will be able to elaborate on my words here…


Whitewater kayaks have them…
For about 3 years, all Riot kayaks came with thigh braces that you ratched down. Of course in whitewater (particularly freestyle), boat control is an absolute obsession so companies are always fiddling with outfitting. DragoRossi uses inner thigh braces, a few pro boaters use seatbelts (pretty dangerous), and others use inflatable bags above and below their thighs (Jackson Happy Seat/Thruster combo) to get that perfect fit. While I think sea kayaking outfitting is still a good 5 years behind whitewater, there seems to be significantly less demand for a perfect fit. Wilderness Systems Phase 3 outfitting is a decent small step of bringing some whitewater outfitting into a sea kayak.

As to those particular straps, they look to be SOT straps so I’m having trouble envisions how best to position them for a SINK. It really depends how you want to wear your kayak and what angle and height you want your legs to be in to control the boat. A big foam masik or simply adding a couple inches of foam to the thigh braces may be more than sufficient but I definitely encourage you try it and let us know how it goes.

Just glue,
some foam, I have those same “hooks” with thin foam and they work fine, no gouging. They do provide an uneasy feeling of entrapment though, guess I’m too used to oversized cockpits.