Thigh straps for Perception Shadow 16.5

This weekend I got in a friend’s boat that had good landings for the top of my thighs - loved it. My boat does not have this, but it does have two pegs on the underside of the deck on each side in the general area. They are about 1/2" long x 5/16" dia., covered in rubber with a kind of a lip on the lower end. The front two pegs are about 4.75" either side of the centerline. The back two are about 15" aft of the front two. Can someone direct me to the type of strap that would fit?

I don’t think straps…
You want something solid in there assuming this is a sit inside boat, not a strap. I am not sure but it sounds like you boat has the mounts for add-on thigh braces but not the thigh braces themselves.

If I have this right, what you want to do is either get some minicell foam and shape it to the thickness you want then put it in with something contact cement. Or see if something like this would work -

thigh brace is what I need, I think.

thigh brace
OK, I got the thigh braces for a Perception Carolina, but they don’t fit my Shadow, at least not without some carving. I did find a Perception that has thigh braces

He won’t sell me the thigh brace.

Minicell foam and contact cement
Shape your own. You could probably even use the existing holes to help anchor it.

thigh braces
Do you think I could make something like the ones in the picture linked two posts up out of minicell foam? I’ve never worked with it, but I’m pretty handy.

Minicell foam is easy
It is easy. Just get the right sized block to start with and then cut it rough, shape it finer with a crating tool of some kind.

The one part to which I cannot speak is what adhesive will work best. I use contact cement in my glass boats but this is starting out a bit more bare than I have, and I don’t know if different gunk would adhere better plastic to minicell. But they have lots of it out there in hardware stores - something would be correct, maybe Lexel instead of wood cement etc.