thigh straps for SOT

I've been checking out the thigh (knee) straps offered at the SOT-kayaking website. I've got a scupper pro and I'm wondering how much control they add. Anybody else use them? Good product?



I have used them
For my Necky Spike. A must for surfing, and bracing. Also usfull as a sholder strap. I havn’t put them on my Tarpon yet, but it’s on my list.

A shoulder strap!!!

I was going to get them eventually, but that my friend is a reason to buy them today.

Good call.

Have them
I have them but the pad eyes on my Tarpon 160 are not placed well for me. I am adding more. See:

I use them on my Heritage Nomad
They add a considerably to boat control making it easier to edge a turn, lean and brace, scull, etc.

If you strap 'em on tight you’ll be ALMOST as much a part of the boat as you would in a SINK with good fitting thigh braces and hip pads.

Some come with plastic “quick release” buckles if you are concerned about wet exiting after capsize. On the other hand the plastic buckles are reportedly more prone to failure under stress (i.e. when you need the control the straps give you)

It’s an individual choice - I personnally would use them in any sort of conditions above “flat water”.

A LOT More Control
Thigh straps give a lot more control. Not as much as a SINK, but a lot more control…

A must for surfing and rough water, but also useful for edging and turning. The Scupper Pro turns well, but some edging would help.

Been experimenting with the anchor locations on various kayaks for years.

Shut up and get 'em

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No-brainer. The performance enhancement to a Scupper Pro from adding thigh straps is a night-and-day difference. Don't leave the beach without them.

As others have pointed out, adjustment and the proper location of attachment points is critical to making the straps useful. Lots of info on this is available in the message board archive at

Also read the current thread on this board, "self rescue problem" started by rikjohnson.