Thigh straps, recommendations?

-- Last Updated: Oct-25-09 11:38 AM EST --

I have an Ocean Kayak Yak Board that we take to the beach each year to play in the surf. We really like the way this sit on top handles in the surf but need more control. I have been looking at Harmony brand straps. Does anyone have recommendations for which thigh straps to get?


Just make sure they are good quality
I know Tom Holtey sells thigh straps on his information website. The stuff he sales is equipment he has used and works well.

These seem to be the same kind I use … I found them slightly cheaper at my local shop a few years ago… I believe the brand is Mountain Sports

Tried Three…
The Harmony came with a waveski I had. Inexpensive and the materials and fit reflected that.

The two I have with my SOTs are from Topkayaker. My favorite is the contour bungee (most expensive). I like the firmer foam and the bungee that keeps tension on the straps (so I don’t have to keep 'em tight and my knees up in tension all the time).

The other pair is the Topkayaker Pro form. These are pretty good. The foam is not so good but still firmer than the Harmony (although the harmony straps may have bee worn down). I think there is a good ergonomic form to these straps to keep over the knees/thighs. I like the safe fastex buckle on the thigh area. For ww or surf, when you are strapped in tight most of the time, it’s good to have a quick “out” if you need it. These straps have that.


That helps. I will check them out.