Thigh Straps

Hi all paddle a ocean kayak sprinter in class 2 -3 rapids and tea trees in a 133km race and would like to know if anyone has attached the thigh straps to the sprinter , to help in control.


Helped the guys at the shop fabricate
some very nice, yet very simple thigh straps for one of the in-house guys new SOT that he is determined to use to run Slippery Rock Creek PA (lower section class II/III) they worked out very nice using only 1" flat webbing, some Fastec buckels, and vinly lash eyes pop rivited to the boat. We kept them short with no excess parts or long webbing hanging , this is to prevent any chance of entrapment and make it very easy to kick out and away from the boat if need be. They added and extreem measure of control to a boat that had none. I don’t like the idea of running whitewater in a SOT but if you insist this is the only way to go…it realy makes the boat 100% more controllable.

Thigh Straps
Thigh straps are the only way to get real control over an SOT.

I have them on my 18’ Shearwater and I could not lean into a turn without them.