Thigh Support

I have a Valley Avocet, when I paddle for several hours my legs begin to hurt and I usually put a a sponge under my thighs to lift them up and add support. What kind of improvements / modifications can I do to add support. What modifications have others done to improve the thigh hook.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Hi…I do believe some companies make gel or air pads just for that purpose.Maybe trying one of those 1st, before gluing something down. check link below:

Or buy some bulk foam and custom make what you need. anything will probably work till you find the right height for you…rolled up towel…a “pool” noodle…a scrap pc. of foam pipe insulation , etc etc …good luck

I second beau-guest’s suggestion
I have a bulging disc in my lower back, and this thigh cushion has made it possible for me to stay in my boat pain free.


paddle float…
…for now?

balance stool
Since I already have the link saved, on another question, using one of these when you’re not paddling makes huge differences in how your bod feels after being trapped in a yak for several hours.

Bill H.

The Expensive Fix…
Trade your boat for a Tempest or Zephyr. Wilderness Systems provides thigh support right out of the box. I used to use a pool noodle.

Make yourself a Minicel foam seat
You can build in as much support as you need.

Seat Height
How tall would you make a minicell seat in an Avocet without affecting the center of gravity ? What other parameters need to be considered?

I use the Sealine cushion
and wouldnt be without it. But it isnt both legs for me just one and it helps support it when the pain starts.(A problem doctors cannot diagnose- probably venous problems. I paddle a tempest !? and others - same thing. I would think if its both legs, it could be your seat needs adusting.

You can make the front any height…
…that you want for thigh support. As long as you keep the rear of the seat low, you won’t affect the handling significantly. I’ve made seats that were as thin as 1/4" at the rear.

Like Bnystrom mentions, I use mini-cell to pad my seat and add an extra layer where my thighs are.

I also padded down my thigh braces under the deck so that lowers my contact point with them about 1-1/2 inches.

So, 1/2 inch on the seat and 1-1/2 inches on the upper thigh braces gets me 2" closer to contact.

Also, make sure your foot-braces are adjusted so that they are helping cram your legs up into the thigh braces.