Thin Air Repairs

Under the thread about repairing a nail hole in a Royalex hull, jjmish’s melted polypro rope repair stood out as winning the McGyver Award for Thin Air Ingenuity.

Anyone else been forced to come up with a creative repair in a dire circumstance? I personally have one, but it is not boating related - OK, it was to a vehicle on the way to watch the US Slalom Team selections in 1972.

I’d really like to hear from you budding McGyvers!


plastic bag
i got a hole in the stern of my old glass Mariner (too much dragging while loaded). started leaking like crazy while off ossabaw island on the georgia coast. since i had forgotten the duct tape, i pulled a used plastic grocery bag through the hole until it was pretty tightly wedged in there. it still leaked a little, but i was able to paddle the 10 or so miles back.


boat repair
While in Mexico i saw local fishermen repairing a leak in a seam in the hull of an aluminium fishing boat by melting styrofoam in a bucket with about a half inch of gas in the bottom. They just threw in trash styrofoam (old cups, packaging etc.) the gas melted it on contact resulting in a thick yellowish liquid. They poured this in the bottom of the boat where the crack was and when the gas evaporated the goo hardened into a plastic coating. Sometimes it impresses me how creative people can be.

Home made Napalm…
…poured into glass jars and sealed…then wrapped with rags soaked in sugar chlorate…contact incendiary…

Sometimes my SF past creeps up on me.

Back on Topic…
I wrap leaking threads on decking screws with dental floss…plugs the leaks nicely…