Things you can't unsee.

We pulled up to the shore at Givhans Ferry SP on the Edisto River. The river was up and we had done 21 miles in 4 hours without pushing. A beautiful day.
There were several people wading there. I pulled up a few feet from a very large woman in a bathing suit.
Then she bent over.
It wasn’t the fastest take- out in history, but close.

Ah’s seen one o’ dem minus de bathin’ suit bendin’ over on de Havel River in wat was East Germany years ago… almost turned me into a kayaker…

I almost vomited on vacation in St. Lucia…

It’s always somewhat terrifying when a full moon at mid day blocks out the Sun–You should never look directly at something like that without adequate protection. (Next time, raise up your PFD in front of your face just to be safe!) I think the same phenomena is suppose to happen again in a couple of days, but the view differs in different parts of the country:

Every news outlet here is going nuts over a few minute event.